Magical Interactive Carpet

Magical Interactive CarpetMagical Interactive Carpet is a hardware plus software solution. Its possible to transform a normal floor into a dynamic and interactive area where to put any content. The magic carpet System is exciting, and modern. It not only exists in real time, but in a unique way can create and send powerful messages by way of advertising, brand re-enforcement and establishing corporate identity. Each effect is completely configurable, we can configure the backgrounds, logos, videos, sounds, settings according to the client need.


Integrate advertising into amazing entertainment experience.
Make your display come alive


Birthday Parties
Corporate Events and Product Launches
Exhibition and Museum
Discotheques and Night Clubs

Magical Interactive Carpet is a software application interacted in a carpet. It’s possible to make over a normal floor into an entertaining and lively area with this simple as well as effective 3D effect. Fog screen projection is using the same method as magical interactive carpet. The difference is that the 3D images projected in carpet and screen. Kindly, contact us for the fog screen rental in India. The magic carpet System is modern provides 100% effective. Business professionals can make use of the unique concept for the purpose of advertising, brand re-enforcement and to establish corporate identity. We are able to configure the backgrounds, videos, sounds, settings as per the clients need.