Fog Screen

Fog Screen in IndiaThe Fog Screen creates a projection wall of environmentally safe dry fog. The Fog Screen projected image appears like any other rear projection image with one exception – YOU CAN WALK THROUGH IT! This cutting edge technology affords opportunities that seem almost impossible. Use the Fog Screen as an exciting event entrance or as a unique on stage guest entrance. Perfect for sporting events, weddings, fashion shows, trade shows and product launches just to mention a few.

We provide you with a single contact point for your event management and provide consolidated reports to your company allowing you to run an amazing event within budget that exceeds your high standards of execution. For more information contact today.

Fog screen diversion is late improvement in cutting edge world. Everybody is driving life in the propelled society. The Internet innovation has made the human life extremely advantageous. Achieving regular errands is exceptionally agreeable for lion's share of individuals with the support of online applications. Passage of the Fog screen in the commercial center has taken the general population amusement to the pinnacle level. Mist screen projection is making the video or movies in the setting of falsely made mist with the support of cloudiness machines. Sorts of recordings, realistic plans, activities and recordings can be made in the mist screen projections. Agents and advertising experts are includes in using the mist screen innovation to contact the general population with novel capable hypnotizing idea. It is actuality that visual pictures have an extraordinary effect on people groups mind.